Foundation Board of Directors


Executive Director

Nick Jewett - Kingston WA


Nickbecame Executive Director of the EcoTeach Foundation in January of 2014 following in the footsteps of Pam Perry, Ralph Carlson and Wendy Armstrong who all server the foundation over the last twelve years. Prior to joining the EcoTeach Foundation, Nick was Executive Director of the Village Green Foundation in Kingston Washington.


A graduate of the Friends World College in 1969, Nick studied community and regional development while living in Mexico, Sweden, Austria, Kenya and India. He was deeply influenced by the Quaker commitment to community service and personal global responsibility. In recent years he joined Rotary International where he served on the International Service Committee of the Kingston NK Rotary club.



Greg Enright- Poulsbo WA


With over 26 years as a junior high school art teacher, Greg knows firsthand how to motivate and inspire students. He retired from the North Kitsap School District in 1997 to work with EcoTeach full time.


Greg has worked with EcoTeach since its inception in 1995, helping to create exciting, environmentally responsible, hands-on activities and experiences for group participants. Today, Greg travels frequently to Costa Rica, working with guides and scouting new venues while coordinating with group leaders throughout the US. He was a founding member of the EcoTeach Foundation in 1997, and has served on the board ever since.



Pam Perry

Indianola WA


Pam worked in public relations for fifteen years. She specialized in the home and garden and green building industries, utilizing her skills as a writer, editor and project manager to promote clients such as Sunset Magazine, Sunset Books, San Francisco Flower & Garden Show, Northwest Flower & Garden Show, Molbak’s Nursery, and Vetrazzo. Pam has also worked in tourism and as an event director.


Pam’s passion for conservation and Costa Rica began in 2001 when EcoTeach called her to facilitate home and garden tours to Costa Rica. Once in Costa Rica, she was captivated by the plight of leatherback sea turtles and the grassroots efforts EcoTeach had begun to protect and preserve these magnificent creatures. When she learned the organization’s goal of building a center to educate local children about the need to protect sea turtles, Pam returned to the States and enthusiastically raised $60,000 to fund the project.

In addition to her fundraising expertise, Pam’s experience in marketing, communications, and board development with nonprofits strengthens the EcoTeach Foundation. She’s well-known as a team builder, public speaker, motivator and manager.

Pam is a graduate of the University of Washington where she earned a degree in Speech Communication. She is passionate about traveling and delights in finding common ground with people in different cultures. She spends her free time hiking and kayaking both at home in the Pacific Northwest and anywhere she can around the world.



Margarita Alfaro Garcia Carlson

Atenas, Costa Rica


Margarita’s husband Ralph Carlson founded EcoTeach in 1994 and she joined him in the business in 1998. She has a passion for sharing the “real” Costa Rica with the world, and working to preserve it for future generations


She was born into a large family which lived for generations on a dairy farm in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica and knows farm life first hand. She graduated as an elementary school teacher but did not make it to the classroom. With several years of experience in tourism, she became an indispensable help in establishing and maintaining the ecological tourism enterprise Ralph started.

Margarita has a beautiful collection of orchids and opens her Costa Rica house to many friends and visitors from around the world with most gracious hospitality.


Seattle, Washington

Marjie Bowker


Marjie has been an educator for 15 years and has taught English and Social Studies in the Edmonds School District. In-between teaching stints, Marjie has taught cross-culturally in Norway, China and Vietnam.


Four years ago, Marjie led a group of high school students on an EcoTeach trip to Costa Rica. She organized fundraising efforts culminating in $40,000 for her students’ travel and education. The experience was life-changing for these alternative school, many of whom never imagined themselves traveling overseas or even been out of the state of Washington.

Marjie and her students ignited interest in the student body and the school has taken the cause to heart, committed to fundraising for a Costa Rica trip every other year. Marjie loves what EcoTeach and the sea turtles have done for her students.


Albany, New York

Dave Cleveland


A 1971 graduate of Texas Christian University, Dave Cleveland is a retired LTC from the Army Reserves and a recent retiree from the  Federal Bankruptcy Court.  He keeps himself busy working part time and as volunteer coordinator for The Food Pantries, a cooperative of 54 local food banks.  He and his wife, Susi, also organize an annual Canines For Kids Dog Walk, raising money to support children’s education in Costa Rica. This home-grown fund raiser has been running since 2008 and has resulted in over $20,000 being sent through The EcoTeach Foundation to schools and school children in Costa Rica.

He and Susi discovered Costa Rica in 2006 on a “trip of a lifetime.” They were so taken with the people, the children, and the environment that they vowed to come back as often as possible and continue raising money to support the Tico children who so touched their hearts.


Ken Hall

Silverdale, Washington


Ken has been a professional in the banking field for 18 years, with Chase and previously Washington Mutual. Ken started his career at Washington Mutual in 1993 and went through their management training program and helped open new markets.  In his current role as a district manager, Ken leads his staff to provide an excellent customer experience while helping customers achieve their financial goals.


Ken has been involved with community organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary and Junior Achievement. He’s lived in Washington his whole life, graduating from the University of Washington in 1993.




Dan Shean

San Francisco, California


Dan is a professional who has spent many years working in customer service with both small, family-run companies, as well as large global corporations. Dan’s natural deep curiosity currently has him in school studying nursing. Dan’s ability to communicate and connect with people from all walks of life connects people in a passionate collaborative effort always with the goal of improving our planet.


Coming from a family of doctors and teachers, Dan has always had a deep appreciation for life of all kinds. This appreciation grew into an admiration and respect for the fragility and interdependence of all living things.


Dan is a proponent of environmental awareness and conservation and believes strongly in educating the next generation to care for the planet. He seeks ways to educate, inspire and connect people to opportunities and projects like those the EcoTeach Foundation


Paul H. Wagner

Atenas, Costa Rica


Paul,after teaching in a Maryland High School for four years and working as an Licensed Adoption Placement worker in Massachusetts ,seven years,embarked on a 40 year career in Psychiatric Emergency services. He Directed services in; New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington and Oregon before retiring to Costa Rica in 2005.

He's a graduate of;

   Springfield College, Massachusetts

   Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts , North Adams

   University of Washington, Seattle

He's married to Julie Stanley Wagner. They have four adult children in Florida and Oregon






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