Rio Peje School


Peje is delightful school situated in the Talamanca Mountains in Easter Costa Rica. About eighty percent of the students are from local farms and twenty percent are Bribri Indians, some of whom walk over an hour each way to and from school.

Parental support is very limited because the children are needed home to work family farms. The strength of the school comes from an outstanding Director/teacher Emilio Paniagua who, with the help of his wife, has done much to make the school vital and beautiful.  Additional support has come from Veragua Rainforest Reserve and it’s visiting student groups.




Garden tools

Ceiling fan

Soccer balls


Tablets (smart device)

Table games

Metal lockers

Folding chairs

Smart Board


Current  Project

Partnering with Veragua Foundation and Ecoteach travel we were able to provide each student with a backpack containing all the supplies and text books for this school year.

A second project the partners have funded is the purchase of tools to build an organic garden behind the school.

 Many of the children are likely to remain in the area and farm, so agricultural education would be very beneficial. Also rural school also supplement the hot meals served every day with “home grown” vegetables.


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