Projects & Partnerships

All projects are partnerships

Ecoteach Foundation matches donations from school children, organizations and individuals, with under funded schools in Central and South America, and with locally based  “nature projects”. We are an all-volunteer organization, like our donors, we want to make a difference and share our good fortune. The success of our projects are measured by the improvements to the schools and environmental projects and most importantly the achievement the door realizes in having made a real difference.

We work primarily in Costa Rica because that’s where the opportunities have presented themselves.  As an all-volunteer organization our exposure has been limited. We welcome suggestions and introductions! It’s through personal contacts that we meet the wonderful project leaders and see first hand the areas of need which we feel we can help with.

Each year we request a “wish list” from the schools we work with. While we may fund projects which we feel best reflects the donors intentions, we defer to the local community when possible. There are times when their needs don’t attract the available donations.


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