Huetares School

This was the first school supported by the Foundation. Huetares is model for leadership and community support. It’s principal, Vilma Alfaro has sought grants and empowered her school board (junta) and while this school is in much better condition than other area school, donations matched by the community and the results speak for themselves. This year they received a grant and donation from  MEP (Ministry of Public Education) Hewlett-Packard and every child and teacher is trained to use computers to augment the schools mandated curriculum.

The students entertain visiting school groups from the US and UK and they in turn have supported the school with donations and labor.


Unlike other schools which need basic supplies Huetares has major projects which need funding. First they have requested $4000 US to complete a covered play area for the Kindergärtners and computer-video projectors to support the computer assisted teach programs.



Recent Project

This last year, using funds donated by the 7-8 grade students at Kingston Washington Options program at Gordon Elementary, the first phase of construction for the play area was completed. In Costa Rica Kindergarten students but be supervised every minute unless they are protected in a locked play area. With few aids teachers need these special play areas.

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