EL Carmen School

Centro Educativo El Carmen, La Rambla de Horquetas de Sarapiquí, came to the attention of the Foundation, like most of our schools, on the recommendation of EcoTeach Student Travel guides, friends and family connections and the donations from their student groups.

Unlike other foundations, which use complicated syntax specific reviewing algorithms,  EcoTeach Foundation has many connections to it’s projects and we try visit each project several times a year. Where possible we report back to the donors in a effort to make the donation successful.

This is a comparatively large neighborhood elementary situated nearer to a large town. Staffing is determined by the number of students but with the exception of the cafeteria the buildings are in terrible condition.




All rural schools have some real needs in common. In most cases the requirements placed on the children’s families is a hardship. For example uniforms are a requirement and they must be  and are clean every day. Every effort is made to have the children feel equal to their piers.

Santillana or RH Spanish textbooks

English and Spanish Dictionaries

Supplies: paper, chalk, construction paper, dry erase markers, adhesive vinyl rolls, masking tape, large manila envelopes, white envelopes erasers, scissors, colored pencils, playdough, acrylic paints, pencil sharpeners, glue, markers


Soccer balls


Tablets (smart device)

Table games

Metal lockers

Folding chairs


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