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Schools in Need - C2C

EcoTeach Foundation (ETF), and it’s volunteers, facilitate small donations from classrooms in the United States to classrooms in Costa Rica which need help. Rural schools in Costa Rica struggle to provide basic supplies and services to children eager to learn. Many educators seek to create awareness in the minds of their students; of the world beyond the classroom and that through their own efforts that they can make a difference.


In Costa Rica the government supplies teachers and aids, and the local communities are expected to provide for almost everything else, the buildings, supplies and even electricity. The country boasts a 95% literacy rate and will provides at least one teacher to an. At the Alta Del Monte school there are eight students, one teacher, a teaching aid, a part time PE coach and a cook. But very few books, practically no supplies and parents are responsible for their children’s uniforms, books and lunch money. For many this is a significant burden. The cost is approximately $50 per student per year and monthly fee for meals. In rural areas more than thirty percent of the people live below the “poverty level” and this number is increasing.


Donors are Beneficiaries

The objective for the kids,  who are the donors, is to earn the money to share with students in Costa Rica. It’s not how much money they can earn, a dollar or two earned for someone else can have a huge impact. The goal is to encourage children to develop an awareness of others much like themselves. The truth is that these relatively small donations have real impact. ETF is responsible to report back to these donors to help make the donation a success.


For the classroom teachers there is minimal classroom time and no extra materials required. The project might be conducted over just one weekend; there is no fundraising goal! Earning and donating to others is a lesson in empowerment, one child earning one dollar can make a difference.


Parents and community groups can enhance this experience by offering to match the children’s donations, effectively partnering and encouraging “global community” social values. This type of support can be seen as a sustainable capital investment in children rather than merely supplying consumables. Kingston North Kitsap Rotary has pledged to match the first $500 raised by students.


How classrooms are selected.

Schools and classrooms in Costa Rica do a “needs” assessment and provide ETF with “prioritized wish lists”.  Currently ETF has a working relationship with five schools in three different provinces.


Who we are

The EcoTeach Foundation, a 5013c non-profit organization, works in tandem with local communities in Costa Rica (CR) to ensure economic and environmental sustainability, and provide vital funding for a wide variety of locally owned and managed environmental, educational and grassroots cultural conservation projects. The purpose of this project is to facilitate as direct a connection as is practical between the two diverse and distant groups of students. View recent and current projects In Costa Rica at:


If you are interested in helping, please contact me at or directly at Nick Jewett


C2C History


For several years Jan Colby, public school kindergarten teacher on Bainbridge Island Washington, has encouraged her students to participate in a community service fundraising project called “Mittens” (original purpose was to raise money for mittens for the needy). The kids work at home to earn money to contribute to the project. Last winter the weather was so warm that they wanted to consider something different.


Jan contacted ETF to see if there was a kindergarten class in Costa Rica, which would value a donation from her class. In 2015 the fundraiser was conducted during January, after the winter break, and the children raised $110 (5% reserved for ETF administration), which despite it’s small amount was a huge boost for the beneficiary school. ETF then visited and photographed the school, Centro Educativo la Esperanza, located in Horquetas de Sarapiqui. On returning to the states we made a presentation to Jan’s class, which was very well received. Her kindergarteners asked great questions and showed an understanding that they can help other, more needy, children. Jan told me that they have the Costa Rican’s class picture of the Costa Rican kindergarteners by the door and that her kids talk about it all the time. This is a very small price tag for a global citizenship lesson learned for life!  See also the attached letter at the end of this document.



2015-2016 Project Description


This winter Jan and other classrooms in other schools are planning to do the same project. ETF will identify other classrooms when in CR this November and match them with classrooms here in the states. After you sign up we’ll get a class photograph to take to CR.


ETF matches the schools here in the US with schools in Central America.  ETF facilitates the transfer of funds, reviews purchases, and in some cases purchases and delivers (with the help of EcoTeach Travel goods directly to the schools bypassing cumbersome and expensive shipping services. Unfortunately airlines have made it prohibitive to take supplies down, but we are able to purchase most supplies in CR. Finally ETF reports back to the donor classrooms.

For more information and to sign up please go to

Sample Letter

The following is a DRAFT of the letter Jan plans to send out to her parents in January at the start of the program:



 DRAFT of the letter plans to send out to her parents

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