Alto Del Monte School


ALTO is a “one room school house serving a number of hamlets. Children who attend are not served by school buses and the parent are encouraged to walk their children to school. Like other schools we support Alto came to the Foundations attention through neighbors who are volunteers and parents. Haysa, the teacher/principal has five to eight students each year and claims that the ministry, MEP, will pay her salary even if she has only ne student. Costa Rica is committed to free, public education.


Santillana or RH Spanish textbooks

English and Spanish Dictionaries

Supplies: paper, chalk, construction paper, dry erase markers, adhesive vinyl rolls, masking tape, large manila envelopes, white envelopes erasers, scissors, colored pencils, playdough, acrylic paints, pencil sharpeners, glue, markers


Soccer balls


Tablets (smart device)

Table games

Metal lockers

Folding chairs

Smart Board


Recent Project

In 2015 the Foundation used funds raised by kindergartener on Bainbridge Island to purchase the ten books from the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” (Diario de Greg) for the school. Several years ago Haysa had borrowed a copy form the local library and the kids loved it. Emerging readers learned to read just to read this wonderful series. The Foundation purchase used hardbound copies and an EcoTeach Travel Student group took them down to Costa Rica.


The original donation was only $200 but the a Rotary group matched the funds and quite a few generous volunteers worked to find the books, ship them and deliver them to the school.


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