Amazon Binocular Project


Give your gently used binoculars a new lease on life in the Peruvian Amazon and help promote bird education programs in remote rainforest classrooms!


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Elementary Community Service Project


EcoTeach Foundation (ETF) matches the schools here in the US with schools in Central America.


For several years Jan Colby, public school kindergarten teacher, has encouraged her students to participate in a community service fundraising project they call “Mittens”.


The kids work at home for money to contribute to the project. In previous years the kids have raised money to buy mittens for needy children. Last winter the weather was so warm that they wanted to consider something different.


In 2015 the fundraiser was conducted during January, after the winter break, and the children raised $110 ($10% reserved for administration) which was used to buy several medical emergency backpacks for the kindergarten classrooms.

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